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Why do I live?

Drogas, suicídioParel
You are a pearl in God's eyes
Drogas, suicídio
You are a PEARL in God's eyes

What is the purpose of life? Why have my parents put me into this world full of problems and violence? War, depression, alcohol, drugs, suicide, meaningless life, disappointment, unemployment, theft, murder, fighting, death, loss of a dear person, (deadly) disease, need for a psychiatrist, no prospect of a future life and no goals having lost of ideology, etc.
We have no specific answer for you because every person is different. One person is strong, others need more help. But we will give you a few answers why you do live.
First of all YOU are VALUABLE. No one can and may say "I am worthless". Nobody needs me. That is a lie. Your first step is to believe this. Every person in the world has value, if you are only a mother, your child(ren) needs you, you are a very important role in the education of your children. You who study have a very important role to help in the growth of the country. For example, Brazil is bankrupt, the expenses are higher than what is received by taxes. Many have no job, three million unemployed. Brazil needs leaders and educated people to help growing Brazil. More people who work and generate money (taxes) so that the government can pay employees in education, health, road construction, retirement, etc. So everyone, including YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

Why on earth all these problems?

Sorry, you can say, but I do not have the strength to continue life. Why all these problems?
Well, you have to understand that people causes problems because they only think of themselves and there are forces of evil in the world. You can laugh when I talk about the forces of evil, but I think you have heard of people who practice macumba, voodoo and consult spirits. So there are these forces of evil. I shall talk about it later. Selfish people only think of their own resources. Take Russia, for example, which was a communist country. Putim was given power after the fall. Now he is one of the richest people in the world. How is this possible? Life in Russia has hardly changed in a positive way. The retirement age must be raised (the same is happening in the Netherlands) because the government does not have the money to pay the retirement while President Putim has grown from being "poor" to being one of the richest people in the world. This is communism with the ideology of sharing your possessions with others? Unfortunately it is a big lie. Just like China, the leaders are rich, but the population works for nothing. We have to open our eyes to reality. You and I must build together, work together and do our part. Get a good job and earn money for yourself and help other people. Love, fight, work.
We work together and do our part.
Do you want to be part of it?

What is my experience?

I was unemployed three times with 2-3 years without work. My two adolescent neighbors have committed suicide. One of them had a girlfriend who lived in the world of crime and the criminals wanted to force him to trade in drugs. An uncle has committed suicide.
I had a hard time studying because I had dyslexia and had troubles with speaking. I needed a lot of help from my teachers. But thank goodness to God, I have conquered and graduated in aviation and computer science. I was an only child and grew up without friends. My parents hardly kissed each other, they never hugged each other, they argued because they were unable to communicate with each other. When I was young, I was often sick. Even being sick, I went to school. My ex-wife cheated on me and became pregnant from another man. But thank goodness, I survived and today I am retired. I have two beautiful children and a patient wife.
Look at the newly elected president in Brazil, after his assassination attempt, he said the reason for staying alive was his eight-year-old daughter. She said: "Dad I do not want to become an orphan".
You can be confronted with many things, but unfortunately that is how life is. As my son spoke, there are moments of happiness and moments of big thorns. You can be disillusioned. But do your part, study, possibly that in the future you will find the right girlfriend or boyfriend, with whom you will be happy and have children. So life is worthwhile, also in the event of illness or loss of a dear person. This is life, there is no other way.

Why so much evil in the world?

There is so much evil in the world because man chooses not to follow and obey God. From the beginning, from six thousand years ago, to the present day. God wants the best for people, whether you believe it or not. Bah, stop that nonsense. God does not exist. Do you believe that the BIG BANG, the big explosion, created the universe? The entire universe is wonderfully organized, everything follows certain rules. The moon circulates at the right distance from the earth. Could a large explosion of materials arrange water, first oxygen, then plants, then trees, then fish and livestock in the right order? And ultimately, the most complex in the world, the human being. Why do not all people speak the same language? Why are the heads of animals the same but the heads of people different? Why only human life on earth? With the big explosion there should be human life on many planets, but there is found none. Why do great scientists such as Werner von Braun of NASA believe that God exists?
Let us examine the evil.
The evil comes from satan and demons. They exist because we know it from macumba and voodoo. People who practice these things talk to them and do the most horrible things to the sacrifice of babies and children and drink human blood. They curse a person to illness and death.
That is why you and I have to fight against this evil. But they are powerful creatures. You and I do not have this power. Only by praying and asking God to send his angels to fight against these beings, is it possible to stop this evil. But what does that have to do with me? Because evil wants to destroy all happiness in your life.
Ola, can we help you? Then read everything below and do not stop before you have read everything, even if you do not agree. If not, we cannot help you and you must seek help elsewhere. The choice is yours, but give us a chance.
To understand how evil has entered the world, we must open the Bible. The Bible begins with the presence of a dark, empty and wild earth. It seems that the earth has been destroyed (I think by satan, but this is not the place to argue). Satan was the great enemy of God because he wanted to be equal to God. In the beginning, God began to create again: light in darkness (is your life darkness?), Plants and (fruit) trees, fish, animals and cattle. And lastly, the man Adam and his wife Eve, the earth was beautiful and perfect. God said that Adam and Eve could eat from all fruit trees, but NOT from one tree. With the warning that if these were to eat, they would die.
Satan used the body of the snake (only through a body of animal or person, satan and demons can be visible to people) to talk to Eve. In short: Satan spoke half truths to Eve, she believed him and ate of the forbidden fruit. She was seduced. She went to Adam and offered the forbidden fruit to Adam. Now he had to make a conscious choice: eat or not. Choosing his wife or against her in favor of God and being obedient to God. He chose wrong and ate from the fruit. Because of this they chose evil and against God. Because of this sin, death came into the world. God removed them from the beautiful garden. And removed the spirit with which they were able to communicate with God (the spiritual death). With this sin, came into the world all kinds of diseases, misery, murder, war and death. Today this is only getting worse, because people are increasingly choosing against God and in favor of satan and demons. It is man's free choice. God does not force to choose Him. That is why people suffer the consequences of evil.

The consequences are visible daily, people know what is evil and good, the many wars, thefts and murders. Other people have completely turned off their conscience, do not have any conscience to kill a man only to rob a cell phone, a car. Other wishes to impose THEIR will on others, if they do not get what they want, they destroy the possessions of others, destroy goods in stores, set fire to buses and do damage to other people. And then people still dare to speak about democracy, while the minority wants to impose their will (with violence) to the majority. It is thought there is no God, we can go our way with impunity. Their thinking is completely under the influence of satan and demons without being aware of this. It is the deception of these powers of darkness.
You may say that this is all nonsense. But the fact is that the immense universe exists, the sun and moon give their light at the right times, the ebb and flood which makes life possible; fruit trees, grains and milk make human life possible. Many engineers are needed to build an aircraft such as the Airbus 340, a few engineers do not have the knowledge to build this. The human body is so complex that many specialists are needed, each in their own field of the human body. Man is unable to create human life. So there has to be a God. You may think "maybe there will be a higher power, but what do I have to do with that"? The question is: is death really dead, or life continues somewhere else? The answer is that life continues after death. Then every person will have to answer to God for his or her actions in life on earth.
All well and good, but I no longer want to live, I am fed up with life on earth. Sat of all contradictions, I have no purpose to live, the pains of my illness are unbearable, I cannot take care of my family, I am unhappy. So I am better off dying. Unfortunately I have very bad news for you. If you have not reconciled yourself to God, you will remain separate from God forever (billions of years). After this life on earth follows a life that never ends. Just as a ring is without end and beginning, so is life after death without end. Worse a life separated from God means worse pains and suffering than your life on earth!
But I also have GOOD NEWS for you!
God is love and wishes good after the death of man on earth. Yes, of course, pain and suffering, possible pleasure and happiness can be part of this short earthly life of usually 70-80 years. That is nothing compared to life that never ends. Life on earth is a test of whether you choose the powers of darkness against God. OR you choose God.
God wants to give you the power on earth to live in difficult circumstances. Sometimes He frees you from trouble, sometimes He gives you the strength to go through those difficulties.
Hum, everything is fine, but God is God, He cannot know how hard my life is. Let me begin by telling you something about God, then I will explain to you how YOU can receive the power for your difficult life.
God is a Trinity. God consists of God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. You may have heard about Jesus, whose birth is celebrated by Christians at Christmas. Jesus had a wonderful life in Heaven with His Father. Possibly they discussed together for the solution of the separation between them and sinful man. Although God is Love, He is also just. No parent whose child has been killed wants the murderer to be able to walk freely without any punishment. Without punishment is unjust. The murderer must be punished, that is justice. Perhaps you have heard of the Ten Commandments as you shall not steal, you shall not kill, you shall not desire what is your neighbor, you shall not commit adultery.
Let me give an example. A large landowner owns a lot of land with many cows, grain fields and people in his service who take care of the cows and grain harvests. These people receive wages and can therefore take care of their families. The landowner pays taxes so that other people are also helped. He pays medical expenses so that the people in his service have a good health provision. One day people without land come with force and take possession of his land, destroy all crops and machines. Going to live on the land, export nothing, the cows are killed, no more milk production and no more grain harvests and continue to live at the expense of the government. As a result, the people employed by the landowner are unemployed, a heavier tax for the government to provide for their livelihood. Their wages are lower so they can spend much less, which is bad for the economy of the country. The people in the country suffer because there is less grain and milk, because there is no longer production, but destroyed. satan and demons laugh, their goal is the destruction of man.
Another example. For years, the workers' party was in power in the Netherlands, spending more money than it received by taxes. The debt and interest grew until unaffordable. The next party had to increase taxes and since no reserve has been built up, the debts have been paid off after twenty years, but now the Dutch population is suffering the consequences: the retirement age is going up from 65 to 67 (possibly up to 70) both for men and women. The Netherlands came out of the world crisis fairly quickly, because the Dutch are saving. In the crises, people became unemployed, but thanks to their savings they were able to live almost at the same level, which helped the Dutch economy. Governing means looking ahead, taking care of the future and not spending all your money now.
So God wanted to come up with the solution for the punishment for man's disobedience and sin. Jesus offered to take that punishment. He discarded all the glory and power that He had in Heaven and was born on earth with a human body and human weaknesses. Satan did bring temptations into his life on earth. At the age of 33 he was innocently sentenced to death on the cross of Golgotha. Jesus was nailed to the cross for our sin, a very painful death. People mocked Him and challenged him to get off the cross and show His power. An attempt by satan so that Jesus would not die at the cross and take on our sin. However, Jesus persisted and died.
End of story? NO, Jesus was delivered from the dead by God the Father and He rose from the dead and a few (a 40) days later He returned to Heaven (the Ascension). For anyone who believes that Jesus died for his or her sin, the door is open to live in Heaven after death, without separation from God, billions of years (infinite) without pain or sorrow in peace, happiness and joy.
All well and good, but that does not help me in this miserable life on earth. Happy ERROR!
Ten days after the Ascension, something great happened. The Holy Spirit made his indwelling in the followers of Jesus. But this is not limited to his followers, the Bible says that anyone who recognizes being a sinner and believes that Jesus Christ (Christ stands on His resurrection from the dead) died for his or her sin, receives the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Spirit. How do you know that the Holy Spirit exists? Simply through the works of the Holy Spirit! Example: Wind exists, how do you know? Because the wind blows, you feel the wind. The power of the wind blows trees down, pushes up sea waves. The Christian (the person who recognizes and believes in Jesus Christ) experiences the power of the Holy Spirit in his or her life, PROVIDED he or she is open to this.

Open up to the power of the Holy Spirit in your life

Are there any conditions? Yes, certainly, if you want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in your life, you must live in obedience and peace with God. It is your free choice whether you choose God daily or not. Satan hates your choice and will try to pull you away from the faith and not live in obedience. You must guard against satan and demons. How?
That includes a daily confession of sin, daily Bible reading (God speaks to you and counsel you for your daily life) and daily prayer (your conversation, your discussion of your problems with God).
Find a church where the Christian faith is practiced, with Bible study and courses to grow in faith.
So how do you experience the power of the Holy Spirit? Condition is your daily life with God. An example, in a good marriage there is daily contact between husband and wife, things are discussed, discussed in financial matters, time for each other and the children, good communication. The same applies to your life with God. Daily communication and consultation with God. Open yourself to the will of God. God speaks to you through the Bible. The Bible teaches what people do wrong, it is a rich sociological book with many wise lessons and provides insight into people. Through your prayer, you present your problems and difficulties to God, you ask for God's support.
That gives instantly, ala minute solution to my need? Sometimes drug addicts and alcohol addicts who were immediately or quickly released from their addiction while others continued to struggle. I think this has to do with the complete surrender to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Others immediately healed from their illness, but God does not heal in all circumstances, He is Sovereign, He decides. He knows what is best for people. Sometimes death is better than fighting cancer for years. God tests the person before he or she really trusts Him. Not every unemployed person receives a job quickly. In my case it took 2-3 years, but at that time I was allowed to grow spiritually because I had all the time.
Have I known hunger too? Yes, but never seriously, I survived and received food. It has taught me to take care of the poor who need food and clothing.
Yes, your life is also important. Difficult times teach people lessons for the future. In difficult times you will experience the power of the Holy Spirit to go through those difficulties. The suicide, the revolt, the destruction of things and the protest are expressions of the powers of darkness and weakness. God wants you to resist these things and follow Him in the fight against evil.

So why do you live?

God created man to control the earth over the sea, the oceans, the animals, the birds and the fish, we read in Genesis, the first book in the Bible. Today we see the enormous selfishness of man with the consequences of deforestation and environmental pollution. Man fails. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, sent by God the Father to die at the Cross instead of man to take away sins. Jesus conquered death and after three days He was raised from the dead by God the Father. Jesus accomplished His work on earth so that anyone who believes in Him will not be lost (that is, the punishment for his or her sin) but have eternal life in Heaven.
So what do you live for? Now it is the choice of every individual person to choose to believe in Jesus Christ. This person receives eternal life in Heaven and will reign as king in the Millennial Kingdom when Jesus Christ will reign on earth as King of Kings. After the choice to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ STARTS THE NEW MISSION:

  1. To live to the glory of God and to worship Him alone.
  2. Through the power of the Holy Spirit (which is received immediately after believing in Jesus, born again) no longer to give in to sins.
  3. The Holy Spirit helps the believer to understand the Bible, but it is up to the believer to read the Bible DAILY. That is a free choice.
  4. The Holy Spirit helps to pray for your personal life, other people and the things in the world.

It is your choice

You have the completely free choice to choose for or against God. Take into account your choice that it determines your life on earth and for eternity. God offers you the opportunity to live with Him. Today you can make the decision to end your desperation, to pray help me God, I am weak, I do not see it, show me the way, show me the way to you.

If you want help, please contact us via or via the Contact link below. You are not alone, there are people who want to help you. Regardless of how you feel about things. Regardless of whether you agree with the above written.


Macumba is a demonic ritual in which food, drink and meat are offered to spirits (demons) to curse (sometimes the death) of a person. Properties of this person (for example clothing) or a photo are present at the offering. Sometimes it goes so far that human blood is offered, a baby or child is killed and sacrificed.
Practice of Macumba
Macumba sacrifice and photo of the cursed person

Hitler with swastikaGas chamberHitler, a dictator who had the power in Germany from 1939-1945. He wanted a super race, many Mongols and Jews (around 6 million) were killed in the gas chambers of the concentration camps.

Nazist, a Hitler supporter. The Nazists arrested the people, transported them to concentration camps, carried out terrible experiments to breed a super race, tortured the prisoners.

Fascism is an extreme form of nationalism, against parliamentary rule, anti-democratic, conceived by Benito Mussolini in Italy. Set in Italy from 1922 to 1943, Hitler's supporter. The system where the leader imposes his will on the other.

Swastika, the symbol of the Nazis.